The Story Behind The Run

We always have self-doubt if you are a high achiever because when we try to go to the next level and there is thought we are not good enough, but that’s okay because that means we are hungry and we are committed to elevating ourselves..


By Virginia


Thank you Marugame This was my first time visiting and racing in this beautiful city. Originally, we planned to stay for 4 days and 3 nights, our departure flight was scheduled at 1500 japan time, which meant we have to rush to Takamatsu airport right after the half marathon race. It sounded impossible but some Hkers managed to complete the mission impossible, but that wasn’t the ideal case for us. So, we booked ourselves another 4 days mainly for relaxation. After all, we deserved a little day off after the hard work we had put in the race. On the race day, our official gun time was 1055 japan time. It was so different from Hong Kong race time, because we usually start much earlier, like 0800 am, while the earliest starting time is 0545 am which is the famous SCMHK. When I followed our group walking to the staring line, I observed one fun fact, I thought I was the only female in the group because I was surrounded by all male runners, they all looked professional and fierce, I was a bit intimidated. Then I started to look around, trying to locate more females. Luckily I found a number of HK female runners, I felt rejpiced by seeing some similar faces.

I was ready to race, hence reaching my personal best time when the starting gun was fired. The weather was perfect for running, it was sunny and dry. Meanwhile, I was thrilled when I witnessed the world class elite runners chasing each other like a beast. I wish someday I could be just like them, as powerful and strong as them. I wanted to be competitive too. Another impressive fact was that there were many people cheering for runners throughout the whole race. They didn’t care if you were world class or not, they would cheer for everyone. It gave me motivations when I was going through pain in the middle of the race.

The last 200 meters were nerve-racking, The official clock was clicking by every second. I was so scared that I failed to break through. I had used every bit of strength in my body to speed up and sprint to the finish line. After crossing it, “I made it!” I managed to break the 1:20 barrier which was completely out of my expectation. The official time was 1:19:26. I was relieved, happy and overwhelmed. Now, we have come back to Hong Kong, it means honeymoon was over. In the future,I’m hoping for more to come, but now it’s time for training again!

Virginia(IG: virginialyc

Runner,Hong Kong

8th, Feb, 2020


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