The Story Behind The Run

We always have self-doubt if you are a high achiever because when we try to go to the next level and there is thought we are not good enough, but that’s okay because that means we are hungry and we are committed to elevating ourselves..

By Connie

Kobe Marathon 2019

If running the first marathon is a milestone in life, taking part the 2nd one is a milestone in running life

Kobe Marathon 2019 is my 2nd full marathon; it gave me a brand new idea towards running marathons.  After having the first one on March 2019, then I took a short break and started training in summer.  However, the hot and wet weather was not facilitating training especially some long distance running.  What’s even worse, I have a slight injury on my calf two weeks before the race.  As such, I adjust my goal from breaking my own record to “finish the race”.

Our team and I arrived Osaka two days before the race, then we did some traveling in Osaka and Kyoto, enjoy some good times there, even though my calf was still a bit painful if I walked too much >.<.  We moved to Kobe on the 3rd day, having luxurious  kobe beef, visiting the expo, getting the BIB and having the last carbo loading dinner, we all fell asleep at 9:30.

We have three members running Kobe marathon and the 4th pretty lady supports us.  After having a full full breakfast, we jog a bit (less than 1K I guess) to the gathering point, waited for the start~~  My two teammates started at 9 and I started at 9:15, the race started under a warm and shiny weather.  For the first a few kilometers, I enjoy the race with Kobe city’s view, a feel of mixing Japanese and European culture.  Leaving the city centre, buildings become less in height, but cheering citizens still a lot, I still was able to hear their cheering even though I was listening to pop songs. 

About 10K+, we went thought the railway trail and people inside the trains were also cheering for us, a lot of people including me waved at them as saying thanks, while the other side was the kobe seaside, I can see the sea was also waving to us, haha~~

When I was running 15K, the leading group was coming back at 26K, watching the elite runners to run was also an enjoyment, meanwhile, I was approaching to the returning point and still have energy to take photos by official photographers. 

After 23/4K, my energy started declining, luckily, I saw some citizens offers coca cola and food to support us.  Thanks so much, without your mental and physical support, I won’t be able to finish the race.  There were some uphills and downhills in this marathon and the sun is getting higher and higher~~~ it’s not easy running to the 35K point, I realise the most difficult uphill to Hamate bypass and Kobe bridge, please do not slow down and give up.  Once again thanks for the citizens cheering, I went through both of uphills accordingly.  The last two Kilometers was the most difficult kilometers ever, but considering my teammates were waiting for me at the finish line, I still keeping my pace to finish.  Finally, coming to the straight road and saw the finish line, yeahhhhh, I had my 2nd marathon finished. 

Thanks god and myself did not give up, I had my new personal record 4:48:13, not a very good record, but at least I finished it safely.  Also, my teammates and support, without you guys, my 2nd marathon won’t be completed in such a perfect way.

If the first marathon is a life milestone, kobe marathon is a milestone for running.  Why? Because after running the Kobe marathon, I am going to take part in the 3rd marathon in coming December, and my mood was totally different from last time, I am very eager to start my training again, I realise finishing one marathon is just a start of another one.  That’s why.


Runner,Hong Kong

28th, Nov, 2019

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