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We always have self-doubt if you are a high achiever because when we try to go to the next level and there is thought we are not good enough, but that’s okay because that means we are hungry and we are committed to elevating ourselves..

By Rudy

Kyoto Marathon 2020

Landed in Kyoto, 2 days before the actual race. The first day was spent walking around the area. It happens that some of the places of interest are nearby and I managed to visit them like the tatami-style Starbucks, Hokan-Ji Temple, Yasaka Shrine and those around Gion.

1 day before the race day, I went to the Miyakomesse for the Runner Check-In. Queue started to form even before it was open. When the doors eventually opened at 10.30, I proceed in to the hall. While queuing for my turn, one of the local told me to proceed forward, as there was a separate queue for foreign runners. Within seconds, I had collected my number card and was out. I went to walk around the expo area and the Okoshiyasu Welcome Square. There were a lot to stuff related to running and also a lot of local food. I manage to get myself the Kyoto Marathon T-Shirt.

The day was finally here, 16 Feb, Kyoto Marathon 2020 and true enough it was raining as predicted. As I was staying quite a distance from the start line, I decided to go out earlier in case I was lost. True enough but luckily there were other runners who were proceeding to the start line like me.

kyoto marathon 2020

When I arrived at the train station, it was packed with runners. There were many volunteers along the way, directing us to the start point. As it was still early before the start pen open, I had to wait under the rain. When the start pen opened, everyone started to move in to fill the track of the Takebishi Stadium Kyoto. After a short opening ceremony and the flag-off of the wheelchair participant, our race started promptly at 9am. As it was on a stadium track, I thought it will be a case of bottleneck as I started at Pen E, to my surprise, it wasn’t the case. Within 5mins of the start, I was at the starting line and off I go for my full marathon journey.

kyoto marathon 2020

Once out of the stadium, the route was filled with the locals, cheering and giving support to the runners which I seldom see at other races that I ran in. This really motivated me as I continued my journey towards the finishing line. As I continued to run, more and more people filled the streets of Kyoto under the rain giving their support with lots of fight-on, gambate and to my surprise they were calling out my name Rudy-san. The route of the race brought us to many places of interest in Kyoto. Like the Ninna-ji Temple, Imamiya-jinja Shrine, Shimogamo-jinja Shrine and many more.

Beside the locals standing along the route to cheers, there are also many motivators groups giving support and cheering us on with their traditional drums, school cheerleading groups and etc. The aid stations along the route was never short of drinks and food. There were even signages to indicate the section of the aid stations, type of food and stations where you can refill your bottles and if you brought your own cups. Some of the supporter even provide food on their own.

Finally, I’m on my last stretch of my journey, turning in towards the finishing point. As I crossed the finishing line, looking up at the official timing, 4:33:58. I really enjoyed my journey of Kyoto Marathon 2020 and it was a great experience.

That’s sums up my experience for Kyoto Marathon 2020 and it was more sightseeing after that.

Rudy  (@rudywong1980)

Runner, Singapore

February 2020

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