The Story Behind The Run

We always have self-doubt if you are a high achiever because when we try to go to the next level and there is thought we are not good enough, but that’s okay because that means we are hungry and we are committed to elevating ourselves..

By Eugene

Mt.Fuji International Marathon

After 8 long months of sustained working without a single day of leave or MC taken, #worldbestwife and myself look forward to our first of many trips to Japan through to March 2020. We know that 2020 is also the Tokyo Olympics and the citizens will be looking forward to this exciting event. When we arrived at Haneda airport, we could see a local registering his interest in lottery for the opening/closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics!

We are scheduled to head to Shinjuku to place our luggages into our designated hotel before trotting on the limousine bus towards Kawaguchiko station, where we will be running the 12km charity fun run. Thereafter, we will go back to Tokyo for R&R before heading to Osaka for the main course; Osaka Marathon 2019; 42.195km worth of running on a spanking brand new course.

Once reaching Kawaguchiko, it was drizzling and when it drizzles, you’re never dry and the temperature forecast of 10degrees will make you feel as if its 2degrees. Fast forward to race pack collection, we went ahead of the 11am collection time and was greeted with sponsors and vendors setting up their stalls.

Thankfully, the rain stopped! We felt warmer than expected after the warmup. Met fellow #TeamSERT friends while queuing for the toilet before heading to the start pens.

The unthinkable happened.

Just 5minutes before the flag off, the drizzle came back. Not only did it came back, it was HEAVIER than before. While Jasmine was drapped in multiple layers, the only shirt I had was the orange long sleeve tee as you can see. Nothing underneath, no windbreaker, no plastic bag no nothing. I was shivering as I counted down the minutes to flag off.

As we were in the last pen due to the charity status of our run, we had to trot 5mins to the start line and I just wish we could get it off as soon as possible. Hah.

In kawaguchiko, the weather is always unpredictable and erratic. While we could not see Fuji during our entire trip there (including the run), some of the full marathon runners are able to see Fuji 3hours into their race!

The race is gorgeous, easiest one of the most scenic races ever. You have to run to believe it. At any point within the run, you’ll be able to see the hills and mountains, with fluffy clouds covering them occasionally. The sun would amplify the scenic views but at no periods would you feel hot. Its heaven on earth. Some of the pictures below don’t do justice to the scenic views!

And we finished the 12km run! This is our reward! Lovely miso soup and a lovely medal by participating in the charity run.

In summary, the race was awesome with the scenic views which takes fatigue off your legs. If you are gunning for a race to complete and enjoy yourself, this is a race to go for. Its not exactly the flattest race though. With unpredictable weather, I doubt anyone would like to run in wet weather and at altitude if you are aiming for a good time. For a training run/marathon, I think its an awesome race to go for!

For me, I take this race as a training race to endure colder temperatures at higher altitude, before heading down to downtown Osaka for a city race! Watch out for my Osaka Marathon race entry!

My Osaka marathon story

Eugene  (@runningcomposer)

Runner, Singapore

November 2019

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