The Story Behind The Run

We always have self-doubt if you are a high achiever because when we try to go to the next level and there is thought we are not good enough, but that’s okay because that means we are hungry and we are committed to elevate ourselves.

There are several reasons why we choose Nagano, first and foremost, it’s accredited by both JAAF and AIMS, I’m not sure about JAAF, but B.A.A certainly accepts AIMs-certified one, besides, the time limited is 5 hours, thus keeps a lot of easy joggers away, and last but not least it’s almost a flat course with only few turns. That sounds almost perfect except one drawback. The accommodation occupancy of Nagano is limited, therefore all runners need to book the hotel via a dedicated system which does function but not good enough. Even though we stayed at the same hotel three nights, we still needed to check-out at 10 am and check-in at 3 pm every day.

Other than that, everything goes quite well, the Expo is small compared to the big races but still a lot of things to do and buy. The start point is from Nagano sport park, runner can approach there easily via train (free for runners) and take a 20-min walk to the venue. At the very beginning, there is a 1km long uphill before ZenKoji(善光寺), but fortunately you can speed up along the route after that till the 34Km, the strong head wind made the already tired legs worse. I didn’t intend to break my record but just needed to secure a slot in Boston marathon, so slowed down and took short break at the last few stations through the rest of the race
  The most anxious moment was when I stood at the finish line to wonder when will my wife return. After a century-long waiting, she showed up in the crowd and told me with tears, she set a new PB and finally got BQ. That’s our story.

“ありがとう Nagano and looking forward to seeing you in Boston.”

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