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We always have self-doubt if you are a high achiever because when we try to go to the next level and there is thought we are not good enough, but that’s okay because that means we are hungry and we are committed to elevating ourselves..

osaka marathon 2019

By Hong Lim

Osaka Marathon 2019



After finishing my first marathon at Laguna Phuket in Thailand which held on 14th June 2019, I did not think about my next marathon. However, I found Osaka Marathon 2019 was interesting so I decided to register this event. I wished I have some luck.

One day at the end of June, I received an email notifying me of the result of the draw. Yeah ! I am selected to join Osaka Marathon 2019. Therefore, my marathon life was beginning over again. My objective was simple, just to be marathon finisher.

Before the race

I departed from Thailand and arrived in Osaka 5 day before the race day. This was my first time to travel in Osaka. There were many sightseeing places to visit. The weather was cold around 10–15 Celsius.


On Friday, I went to INTEX Osaka to collect bib and race pack. I walked along the rainbow way to check in. The expo was very attractive. There were photo booths and seller booths from many brands. That was awesome shopping time. Absolutely, I bought some running shirts and running shoes.

On Saturday, I joined pre run event with Blooming Lab team. This was the great opportunity to learn how to warm up, how to stretch muscle, ladder running drill and how to cool down. This run went over 3 km from the starting point near Osaka prefectural government office to the finishing point at Osaka castle. Not only running, but also having quick lunch together.

That is so good to have running station that the runners can meet.

The big day

I woke up early and went to the starting point by subway. The temperature was very cold, felt like 4 Celsius, and also have some windy. I stood, nearly freeze in the block G, no time to warm up. At 9.25 AM, my block started. I was merely 30 minutes behind gun time after crossing the first timing mat. The grand opening music was played by symphony orchestra band. That was so powerful. There were many volunteers and people at the side of the route, cheering for all of marathon runners. Ganbatte ! Fighto!

The first 20 km was easy and happy, just ran follow the flow and hi five with people. I also met japan girl group, Tsubomi, singing and dancing in the sun.

The real challege started from 20 km. The temperature became so hot, 32 celcius. I felt my leg was stress and heavy. I thought it was half way to finish so I cannot stop. Sometimes I could saw the Kintetsu bus in the opposite side, sweeping the DNF runners. That triggered me to run faster and push harder ! The devil in my head told me to sit comfortly in that bus. On the other hand, my leg still ran and ran because I want to be finisher. I just had to be tough enough not to quit. Quitting was never an option. There were also many checkpoints that has cutoff time. I ran throught the checkpoint, watched the seiko clock countdown to the cutoff time.


In the end, I made it, new PB ! Time in my watch was 6:22. It always seems impossible until it’s done. That was the best moment to run across the finish line. I said to my self “I can do it.” This marathon was full of finishers.

To sum up

I beleived this marathon in japan is the best marathon ever. I was looking forward for the next marathon in japan next time. I agree with this quote “Marathon changes my life”

Hong Lim(@naovarat

Runner, Thailand

December  2019

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