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We always have self-doubt if you are a high achiever because when we try to go to the next level and there is thought we are not good enough, but that’s okay because that means we are hungry and we are committed to elevating ourselves..

osaka marathon 2019

By Elyne

Osaka Marathon 2019

I ran my first FM back in 2016 at Malaysia Twincity Marathon, 3 months before my first Half Marathon at Malaysia Women Marathon.
After my first full and half marathon, I was injured with Slip disc (lower back injury) during my training for my second half marathon and I was forced to rest for 2 years plus.
I am all good to be back on track in year 2018, with all the help from my parents, physiotherapist and my friend (Elvin) who is a certified personal trainer. 
During this early month, my friend invited me to join them for this Marathon, I was so lucky to get selected through ballot on my first Japan Marathon.
This is my second time visit Japan and it’s still my favourite country for holiday, I decided to have my solo trip bucket list checked this time, as I have friends telling me that Japan is always safe to travel alone, indeed Japanese are so helpful and friendly during my trip in Japan.  

Landed at Kansai Airport on 27 November 2019 and took JR Hikari Bullet Train (with unlimited JR Pass) to Tokyo (2 days 1 night) to run with adidas Runners Tokyo.

On 29 November 2019 went to Osaka Marathon Expo at Intex Osaka to pick up my race kit.



On the 30 December 2019, one day before the race, I joined AFE Osaka for shake out run

People who don’t run will tell you, running a full marathon is crazy and tiring.

For me, the training period before race is the most tiring and hardest period, as you wouldn’t know what kinda challenges you will be facing during the weeks of training. 

Had been down with shins splints (on left and right leg) 12 weeks before race and minor plantar fasciitis (on left side outer area) after 35k LSD (3 weeks before race); till I started to doubt myself on finishing this 42.195km race course.

Thank god, on the race day itself, legs and body are good to me.

It was 4 degree Celsius in the morning when we arrived at race venue. Warmth up myself with 1km slow jog an hour before race starts.

My initial plan was trying to finish in sub 5, but bumped into 5 hours 15 minutes pacers 3x 😅, it is faith that I have to finish in sub 5:15 😂. Followed the 5:15 pacers all the way till 1km before finishing line and increase my pace to the end.


During the race, there are some area where it’s quite Sunny ☀ (have to roll up my heattech sleeve and remove the gloves n buff). There are places where it’s quite cold where I felt numbness on my hand and have to wear gloves 🧤 😂

Surprisingly I still able to walk like normal human, no onset muscles soreness after the event (of course I do drank protein powder right after the race).

Thanks everyone who has been giving me so much encouragement when I’m still doubting myself and also buddies who accompanied me to train whenever I need training.

Along the marathon course, there are so many food, water and medic stations, indeed very well organised. 

In conclusion, Osaka Marathon it’s a good course, nice weather and environment with spectators cheering along the entire course. 


Runner, Malaysia

December  2019

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